Monday, January 17, 2011

Grasshopper Pie [Menu]

Grasshopper Pie - PPQ

This week's Project Pastry Queen challenge was a Wildcard! We were to pick anything that we had missed previously and make a post. I was really happy for this week, because I had all the ingredients for Grasshopper Pie ready and I missed the opportunity! So thankfully, I was able to jump on board the second time around.

Back in December, this was Tara's selection, and it was, indeed, a very good one. If you enjoy the texture of marshmallows and sweet mint, you should like this. I encourage you to look over on her blog for the recipe. It's pretty simple to make, and it's really quite delicious.

Grasshopper Pie - PPQ

As many of you know, my husband and I are in the process of moving. We're really excited to start over fresh (even if it's only a few blocks away), but we'll fiercely miss our current apartment. It was the first place we called "home" as a married couple. Once we move, though, I'll be posting pictures of the kitchen, and, thankfully, I'll finally be back to a regular posting schedule on all my blogs.

Happy baking!

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