Sunday, April 10, 2011

Strawberry Ricotta Cake [Menu]

Strawberry Ricotta Cake

I'm not sure where my love of ricotta originated. My mother's side of the family is Italian, but, while we did have it in some dishes when I was little, I never really grew to love it until I was in my late teens. I like the texture it lends to dishes and the taste it gives to sauces and pasta. I've never had it in a dessert, though (outside of the rogue cannoli).

So I was quite pleased to see that Amanda over at Fake Ginger chose this week's assignment and recipe: Strawberry Ricotta Cake.

My husband was a little apprehensive (but willing) when it came to this recipe, so we ended up keeping half of the angel food cake plain - which meant that I assembled slices on a made-to-order basis. I think this may have taken away from the over all flare of the dish, but it definitely didn't diminish how delicious it was!
I, honestly, can't foresee this dish traveling well, as it tends to be a little tipsy and not quite as stable as your everyday cake, but it would be fantastic for a luncheon at home (or if you're like us and only make one big dessert a week to nibble off of until the following Sunday).

If you'd like to see the recipe to make this yourself, please journey over to Amanda's post. And if you'd like to see what the rest of us made of the dish, take a peep over at the PPQ Group Post.

Happy Baking!


Shawnda said...

Great job!

Beth said...

Thanks, Shawnda!

amanda @ fake ginger said...

Thanks for baking with me! :) I like the idea of assembling each serving to fit each person's likes. That makes it like a fancy strawberry shortcake and you can't go wrong with strawberry shortcake!