Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hillbilly Tea [Local Dish]

Hillbilly Tea Platter (for two)

Hillbilly Tea logo
120 s 1st street  louisville, ky  502.587.7350

This past Easter weekend, my family came into town to visit! While my husband was off bonding with my dad, mom and I decided to take in the local fare. I'd heard a lot of wonderful things about Hillbilly Tea downtown, and, being fans of all things tea-related, we wanted to check it out.

We weren't sure what we would find, having missed the turn just past the bridge the first time around, but what a wonderful little cafe there was to discover! Due to our weekend visit, we missed afternoon tea and lunch (which is served Monday - Friday from 11 - 4pm), but we were able to get a slice of (delicious) apple pie - heavily flavored with refreshing citrus and spices - and a mason jar of hot tea each. "Morning Dew" for me, and "Big Earl's" for my mom. Our waiter was, also, very sweet and gave us a few complimentary tea cookies to try.

Sweet Bush Tea (for two)
Pictured: Two quarts of iced Sweet Bush tea (delicious!)

I apparently couldn't get enough, though! My dear friend Kayla and I decided to come back today and try their tea platter for two. Currently, the tea platter includes smoked chicken salad on corn pone, spicy cheese spread on stale bread, a tomato biscuit, pork fried popcorn (really fantastic), candied nuts, and a tea cookie trio (multiplied, of course, for however many people are partaking).

Hillbilly Tea has been around since 2009, and they have been steeping brews daily ever since! Their extensive tea listing is definitely something to write home about, especially since the loose leaf teas are organic and fragrant and.. just really fantastic. They definitely know their way around a kettle, and they have the menu to back it up. Everything I've tried there has had a depth of flavor that shows a group of people dedicated to their work, and the atmosphere around Hillbilly Tea is absolutely wonderful. I think we almost had to leave Kayla there for how much she loved the decor. It's like walking into a well-loved relative's home on the night of a big dinner. Wonderful smells and tastes and local pride.

Pork Fried Popcorn + Tea Platter

If you're in the downtown Louisville area, I highly recommend dropping by. I promise it's well worth the trip.

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Kayla said...

My arms and elbow are famous! ;D Lovely post and I really enjoyed going. Glad we were able to! I cannot wait to get back and move in. Immediately. If not sooner.