Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Artist: Samantha Deitz [Features]

The Royal House of Higgs

The painting featured above this paragraph is home to three very familiar (fuzz)faces – namely those of our cats Daggett, Chandler, and Pazuzu. I never thought I’d reach a point in my life when I would need an elaborate, Victorian-royalty inspired portrait of my pets, but, having commissioned one this past year, I don’t know how I ever thought our home was complete without one.

The mastermind and talent behind such a work of art is Samantha Deitz – a local Louisvillian artist and the proprietor of a fantastic business by the name Creatures of Distinction (was there ever such an apt moniker?). I was first made aware of Sam through a mutual friend. Erin, also being my upstairs neighbor, has a bunny by the name of Plumkiln. Apparently one day Sam asked if she could take a few pictures of him for a silly side project, and then, within a matter of a couple weeks, came back with this:

If that isn’t talent, I don’t know what is…

I didn’t approach Sam immediately for a painting of “our boys”, but it was never too far from my mind. Eventually, I asked if she would bless our home with her brush – and she surely did just that.

If the painting isn’t enough, Sam is an utterly, all-around fantastic person. She’s very easy to work with, quick to communicate, sweet as a button, and humble beyond your wildest dreams… she’s also just got a pretty kick-ass personality and sense of humor. She’s very driven, but she’s incredibly flexible. She really worked with me to figure out exactly what we wanted on top of our mantle. And, boy, did we sure get it.  It’s the easiest sum of money I think I’ve ever spent in pursuit of decorating our home.

If Sam’s work interests you or you would just like to see more of it (and why wouldn’t you?) You can find her on Facebook or on her website – Creatures ofDistinction. She, also, has a personal website in the making, which I will post here once it’s fully realized. She's beyond a delight to work with. Matt and I feel very special to have been her first "cat customers," and we're looking forward to commissioning her again in the future! 

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