Welcome to The Powdered Plum! I'm so happy you've stumbled upon my website. The Powdered Plum is a food blog at its core, but it’s peppered with other subjects that interest me personally. I’m passionate about reading, crafting, and beauty, as well as baking and cooking. So it’s a mixed bag. Hopefully it will all be something you’ll enjoy, but I have several archives that will help you find your way around. We update on Wednesdays (and the odd weekend), so come back weekly for new recipes and posts!


About Beth...
Hello! My name is Beth. I am the writer, photographer, and "chef" of The Powdered Plum. I am a 25-year-old college graduate from Louisville, Kentucky (USA). Like many others, I grew up watching my mom move around the kitchen and seeing my father flip burgers on the grill. My family has always had an interest in food and trying new things. I've always been interested in photography and art, and starting a place to showcase my interest in different tastes and sights seemed natural. To me, food is more than just fuel. It's emotional, beautiful, and exciting! I hope you agree and that you enjoy the site. 
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It's Business Time...
Everything you find on this blog is my personal, unsolicited opinion. If you see a product or restaurant review featured on this website, it is a result of my personal experience. I have not been paid to make posts or publish reviews, nor will I accept payment for such a thing because I want my readers to be able to always trust that what they're reading is my honest opinion. If I have been sent a product, book, etc. for free, it will be disclaimed within the post it is featured. You can be assured that if a product, restaurant, artist, etc. is discussed in a positive light, it is because I am totally convinced of its superiority. 

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